About Us

Ragnarok Box is a family-run craft beer shop. We are beer enthusiasts Katerina and Denis. We have been exploring, tasting, and learning about craft beer for over 10 years.

We consider it our mission and deep passion to help the craft beer culture expand to the masses, thereby helping the development of both local breweries and breweries abroad. Our goal is to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for both those new to craft beer, as well as that connoisseur many of us know and love.

Our goal is to assist in exposing a broader range of people to various godly nectars that we have discovered.  That is why we came up with our Ragnarok Box. Each month there will be a new selection of beers handpicked by us, based on firsthand experience, and share them with our followers.

Hope you enjoy our flavor and selection!
Open your Ragnarok!
Cheers Katerina and Denis.