Stor Dark Hel Craft Beer Box

Stor Dark Hel Craft Beer Box

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Hel will take you on a journey into the dark world of craft beer and introduce you to such varieties as: Stout, Porter, barley wine and others.
In a box from Hel you will find a monthly selection of 8 dark beers, which are especially pleasant to drink on autumn and winter evenings.
Good choice for yourself and as a gift.

Bundle includes:

  1. Lervig 3 bean Stout Stout 12% can 330 Untappd score 4.12

  2. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Super Hero Landing Stout 13% can 330 Untappd score 4.30

  3. Vocation Brewery No.666 Stout 10.9% can 440 Untappd score 4.32

  4. Vocation Brewery Double Frappe Stout 9% can 440 Untappd score 4.22

  5. Amundsen Brewery BA Upside Down Christmas Cake Jule Stout 11.5% can 330 Untappd score  3.96
  6. Amundsen Bourbon BA Peanut Butter Caramel Crisp Doughnut Jam Stout 11.5% can 330 Untappd score 4.33 
  7. De Moersleutel Octane Overlord Stout 12% can 440 Untappd score  4.06
  8. Amundsen DIC PISTACHIO COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM Stout 10.5% can 330 Untappd score  4.20

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